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10 Ways to Save Money When You’re a Broke College Student

10 Ways to Save Money When You’re a Broke College Student

You will gain an excellent net value by investing money rather than wasting it rather than becoming one of the millions of young adults who get bogged down in debt right in their working days.

It is not difficult to save money in college though it can be challenging. It just needs to be decided and motivated. A broken university student’s stereotype has to be smashed with the following ten tips on saving college money.

It’s not cheap to get an education. However, there are opportunities to save money by reducing tuition, books, and materials prices.

    1. Consider studying at community college and then going to a four-year school to reduce the tuition costs. Or opt for a public university to save money instead of a private university.
    1. Make use of your professor’s office hours rather than paying a mentor for additional assistance, or form an educational community with your peers.
    1. Get yourself some roommates to break leasing costs and facility charges. Even if they live together in one house, you will find an apartment complex that provides tenants with separate rentals.
    1. Get yourself rent insurance. While this is an extra cost now, a renters policy will save you hundreds or thousands if your stuff gets damaged or stolen from the house. Get quotes from many companies for the best price.
    1. Do not consume or order food in restaurants. Bring the meal plan to the fullest. Make meals using essential ingredients such as rice, potatoes, frozen vegetables, and beans while you live on the campus. For extra savings, buy them in bulk. Another classic, cheap meals are noodles and oatmeal.
    1. Save money On drinks. Drink water rather than soda or juice, and invest in a filtered water bottle, which you can refill whenever you want. Create a coffee for yourself. Buy your alcohol to save bar costs when you have a legal drinking age.
    1. If you’re not staying near your university campus, limit the journey to your home. If you plan to go home for the Christmas holidays or Spring break, check the websites and book your flight at least 2 months beforehand. Websites are cheap. Or take a bus or train to travel home. Greyhound Riding could reduce your travel expenses considerably.
    2. Take advantage of discounts for students. Various locations provide discounts for students from chains such as AMC Theater to the nearby art museum. Ensure that you have your student ID and ask the companies you visit to give you a student discount if they have it in their policy.
    1. Learn to track and budget your expenses. Without thought, it can be easy to swipe your debit card, but with a budget, you may save so much money. Always keep a record of your daily expenses to be aware of where you are investing your money.
    1. Make your payments automatic, so your due dates don’t have to worry. You don’t want to lose your money paying extra for the late fees of your bills. 

Final Words

As a student, you should always know the difference between your wants and your needs. Think wisely before spending money on stuff. Always check whether you are investing in a beneficial thing or not. Try to implement the tips mentioned above and tricks, and you will save a tremendous amount of money for your future expenses.

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